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My Life: Back to Living in the Washington, DC Area

I’m in flux. I didn’t think moving back would be so difficult. I am without my partner, (for the time being, the fact that I will be dedicating my life to learning a new language again is just hitting me again, and I can’t believe how much I’ve changed since I lived in the DC area.

I am extremely fortunate to be able to dedicate eight months of my life to learning the French language without the burden of another career, raising children, or having to pay for language lessons. However, the work I was doing prior to learning French, was relatively easier. In order to learn French, I have to relearn how to study. I’m also dealing with learner’s guilt. Learner’s guilt means that outside of my five hours of class time, one hour of time in a computer lab, and two hours of homework, and then still practice. If I’m not studying I feel like I will fall behind my two classmates. This maybe internal pressure taken to the next level.

I’m also a new person compared to two years ago. Two years ago I was a girl starting her career. I was unhappy in my romantic relationship, I was more focused on developing my social life and knowing the right clubs and parties, and I was insecure. My insecurities manifested themselves in buying as many shoes and items of clothes I could fit in my closet.

I am now on my third week of living in DC. I realize that it will take time to get a routine down. I am not using this post to complain but to shine light on the blessings I have even though I am struggling right now.

Which difficulties are you blessed to have right now?

Fashion to the Test: The Limited’s Scandal Inspired Clothing Collection.

Scandal fans rejoice! If you are like me, you spend the majority of time watching Scandal lusting after Olivia Pope’s clothing (and her amazing apartment). You may never have her apartment but you can dress like Ms. Pope, thanks to The Limited,

On September 23rd the limited will debut the 78-piece with a price range of $49 to $250.

Watch a promo video for the collection here.

information via Dynamic Africa

Music Monday: “Club Going Up on a Tuesday” by Ilovemakonnen and Drake

This song has been the theme of my weekend. While you probably won’t see me in a club turning up on the weekday, I used to be posted up in a club a couple of months ago even if I had to be at work in the morning.

Now, I go to sleep closer to 9:30pm because I have to get up at 5:00am. Once I pass my work exam I may be out in these fine DC streets.

We are a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

This weekend, my partner is coming to visit! Throughout my life, I have always had to be strong for other people, be stoic in the face of difficult situations, hold in my tears, and hold in all my weirdness. My partner lets me show my weirdness, let out my tears, he is strong for me when I do not feel strong, and he lets me know that it is okay to show my weaknesses (I am still working on this one). Above all else, he is my friend.

This quote made me realize how excited I am for him to come visit! Who let’s you be weird? What is your definition of love?

For Your Self-Esteem: You Need to Learn to Talk about Your Strengths and Super Business Girl!

The goal of this post is not to learn to be boisterous. The purpose of this post is to learn to speak with confidence. Last night, I listened to the latest episode of one of my favorite radio shows, This American Life (TAL). 

TAL is a weekly radio show with a weekly theme and a variety of stories surrounding that theme. This week’s theme is “it’s not the product, it’s the person.” The first story introduces one of the most self-confident people that I have ever heard. The crazy part is that the person they introduce is an eleven year old girl as seen in the video above. She refers to herself as super business girl. I dare you to not be motivated after watching this video and hearing her story.

Why I am I discussing super business girl and her ability to sell herself? Because currently, I am lacking self-confidence. I do have things to be confident about. However, I can not express my self-confidence. As I experience a series of new life changes related to my career, learning a new language, being a in a long-distance relationship,  moving to a new city, I realized an important fact about myself. The majority of my self-confidence is rooted in being comfortable. When I am truly comfortable, I feel confident in my decisions and actions. When I am thrown into something new I feel awkward and self-doubt takes over.

I want to be able to be confident in periods of uncertainty. I want to be strong, I do not want to not be consumed with self-doubt. I am going to dedicate each morning to working on this aspect of my personality. Maybe you will not connect with super business girl, but I do want you to use this post to learn and focus on your strengths. I want this post to help you recognize your own self-doubt and not let it cast a dark shadow on your self-confidence.

Traveling and delving into other cultures is one of my most cherished hobbies but it is also my career. I am frequently asked about my career path, how did I become a Foreign Service Officer (commonly known as a Diplomat), what did I study to secure this career, what internships I completed, etc. While I am no expert in career development, I try to share as much information as I can with people who inquire about international careers or travel.

Recently, a colleague created a online portal to all things international/travel related, called Gotta Go Global. The mission is to “develop more Americans with global skills.”


picture via Gotta Go Global Facebook page

"Using social media, we highlight free opportunities for professionals and students to "go global" via fully-funded study abroad programs, global professional development programs, as well as scholarships and fellowships for advanced studies or professional training in global affairs." 

All you have to do is sign up and explore! 

Music Monday: Early Morning Champagne [Adelaide Remix]

Here is to a great week! Mi amor de mi vida vas a llegar esta semana!

My American Culture: Wise Words form Joan Rivers

My Life: Goodbye Summer 

Flic via Post Secret

This summer has been memorable. I gained a partner, traveled thought the American Southwest, the Midwest, hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains, visited a echoed number of national parks and waterfalls, I slept in, I watched the sunrise and sunset, I went to State fairs and gorged myself, I took a gang of pictures, I learned to love the quiet, I danced, I laughed, I cried…

What was your summer like? What will you miss most?

My Life: Goodbye Summer

Flic via Post Secret

This summer has been memorable. I gained a partner, traveled thought the American Southwest, the Midwest, hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains, visited a echoed number of national parks and waterfalls, I slept in, I watched the sunrise and sunset, I went to State fairs and gorged myself, I took a gang of pictures, I learned to love the quiet, I danced, I laughed, I cried…

What was your summer like? What will you miss most?

For Your Self-Esteem: Use Your Fire

I needed to see this today.

Beefing up Your Social Calendar: Art at the Howard

I’m moving back to the DC area. I’m ready to jump back into the arts, humanities, and international scene. Here’s an event that I’d love to share with you all.

If you have lived or visited the District of Columbia, what’s your favorite aspect of this tiny but bustling city?

My Life: Life in Suburbia Isn’t so Bad…

When my parents decided to move to northern Indiana in 1997, I was beside myself. The move served as an opportunity for a bigger home, a better school system, my own room…

However, a few months in to the move I felt a change within myself. I felt as if I was the other. My siblings and I were visibly different from our counterparts. My education level was slightly lower, I was teased about my hair and I started to want more expensive material items.

Now that I am home on vacation I am able to look back on how much I grew from my physical and mental discomfort from growing up in suburbia. Even when I felt alone back then, this is home. Today, I realized that this is my home. I took a lovely long walk early this morning with my pups and I wanted to share some of my reflections in the wee hours of the morning.

Afropunk Hair Portraits by Artist Awol Erizku for Vogue USA 

Read each story here:

My American Culture: Vogue Spotlights the Versatility of African American Hair During New York’s AfroPunk Festival

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how time and adulthood has made me appreciate the uniqueness that is my hair. Vogue, took some amazing shots of truly diverse and unique styles of festival goers and performers. What do you think? What’s your favorite style featured?

(via dynamicafrica)

My Life: Versatility of Black Hair

When I was younger, all I wanted was straight long hair. I think my ideal of beauty was informed by my environment. I grew up in a predominately white neighborhood and my standard of beauty was ver skewed. Now that I’m older and appreciate my features, my curves, my dimly, my wide nose, my front tooth gap.

I have learns to love my hair in all forms. These five hair styles have are all from the last five months. I don’t know any other texture of hair that is able to take all these styles.

Is there any part of your self that you once hated and now love?

Music Monday: Paapa Nyankson “Won Hye Ase”

This past Saturday I attended a Ghanaian funeral service for a mother of a family friend. The ceremony, the traditions, the music, the food, the people reminded me of the importance of my Ghanian culture. As a international affairs professional, it is very easy to immerse myself of the country/culture that I am assigned to. When I traveled/worked in Singapore, Mexico, the Democratic Republic of Congo, I committed myself to learning every aspect of the people. However, when I come back to visit my parents and the Chicago Ghanaian community it serves as a reminder of why I need to constantly learn and maintain my own.

I am a hyphenated American. As so, I have a to maintain my Americaness, the culture of my parents, and still learn about the cultures of wherever else I am posted as a Diplomat.

Anyway, enjoy the music and have a great week.