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Music Monday: The Moth presents Steve Burns “Fameishness”

Amazing. Thought provoking. Weird. Hilarious. Thought exploding. Wait, What?

I love story telling. The kind of story telling that makes you think, this is Amazing. Thought provoking. Weird. Hilarious. Thought exploding. Wait, What? Is this shit real? Well, The Moth is realest story telling I have ever come across.

What is The Moth you ask?

The Moth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the art of storytelling. To find out more about our live shows, podcast, The Moth Radio Hour, or how to support us, please visit

I wanted to highlight this story because it is AMAZING. Anyone was alive in 1996 knew of a Nickelodeon show called “Blues Clues”. I can still repeat some of the songs that were sung during the show. “The star of a children’s television show grapples with the meaning of fame. Steve Burns is best known for playing ‘Steve’ on Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues from 1996-2002. Since then, he has released a rock record for grown ups that received pretty good reviews, toured with The Flaming Lips, made an album of music for children, and appeared in strange plays, mostly in Brooklyn.”

PLEASE WATCH THIS. I swear it will make your day. I know you need more storytelling in your life.

Steve Burns during his Blue’s Clues fame. Picture courtesy

Steve Burns now. Picture courtesy

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