The average woman requires 1,000-1,300 mg of calcium a day; and, while a serving of milk, cheese, or yogurt are easy ways to digest calcium, what if you are vegan or lactose-intolerant? Here are some unexpected plant-based foods that will help you load up on your calcium intake.

  1. Curly Kale – About 3/4 cup of cooked curly kale offers 143 mg calcium.
  2. Okra – Stir fry about eight okra for a dose of 88 mg calcium.
  3. Red Kidney Beans – Add 1/2 cup of beans to a salad for 150 mg calcium.
  4. Almonds – 12 whole almonds equates 62 mg calcium.
  5. Tahini Paste – Spread one heaped teaspoon over toast like peanut butter for 129 mg calcium.
  6. Apricots – Eat four small apricots for a midmorning snack to get 117 mg calcium.
  7. Figs – Instead of dessert, indulge on four figs for a heaping 506 mg calcium.

If you are curious about your own daily calcium intake, try using the calcium calculator.

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