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I am a fan of Safeway’s Open Nature products. Open Nature products stand out to me because the ingredient list of their products are short and void of chemicals! If have a Safeway grocery store near you, I have a free offer for you! If you hit the “Like” button on the Safeway Facebook Page you can sign up to have a  free Open Nature Ice Cream Product coupon mailed to you! 

Hurry up before this offer is gone! I hear that their ice cream is amazing!

I love Cascadian Farms  products! My favorite granola is their chocolate variety! To try this amazing granola, get a coupon before the deal ends! 

Sign up for the Cascadian Farm email newsletter and you’ll receive a $1/1 Cascadian Farms product coupon.

Via Living so Abundantly!

$1/1 Cascadian Farm product coupon 

Brought to you by Coupon Mom! 

What states have Tax Free Shopping in 2011? It looks like there are 16 states will hold a Tax Free Shopping promotion. During this promotions, consumers will not pay sales tax on certain items for back to school which usual include some of the following: clothing, footwear, school supplies, computers and sports equipment. You will need to check your state for the specifics, each state has their own set of guidelines.

In my area, the sales tax is 6% so I would be saving $36 by shopping during my Tax Free Days. This may not seem like a lot, but when every penny counts, the savings can really add up. You can use that $36 for something else your family really needs!

Here are some tips to help you get organized according to Coupon Mom:

  1. Avoid Overspending:
    This is probably the MOST important tip so I am starting with this! Research items you are thinking about getting so you know if they are a good deal. Don’t get caught up in the moment.
  2. Make a List:
    Write down exactly what you need to get, reference school supply lists and don’t forget to clothing sizes and dress code requirements.
  3. Set a Budget:
    It is very important to decide how much you will be spending. Even though reports say the average family will spend $606 - you don’t have to spend that much! Make it fun and try to see how little you can spend and still get what you need.
  4. Look at Your Sale Ads:
    This is the SECOND BIGGEST consumer spending event for retailers. Many stores will offer “special promotions” or incentives for the Tax Free Holiday so be sure to check your ads.
  5. Know Your State’s Rules:
    Reference your state’s tax website because there are limits in what is “allowed”. Check for max dollar amounts and items included in this promotion as they vary by state.

Here’s a List of the States Participating in Tax Free Weekend 2011. Just click on the state to go to your states specifics on spending limits for this promotion and get contact info. if you have further questions:

  • Alabama (August 5-7) - certain school supplies, computers, and clothing - Check list of participating cities and counties
  • Arkansas (August 6-7) clothing and school supplies
  • Connecticut (August 21-27) - Clothing and Footwear
  • Florida (August 12-14) - Clothing and Books, School Supplies
  • Iowa (August 5-6) - Clothing
  • Louisianna (August 5-6) - All TPP
  • Maryland (August 14-20) - Clothing and Footwear
  • Mississippi (July 29-30) - Clothing and Footwear
  • Missouri (August 5-7) - Clothing, Computer, School Supplies
  • New Mexico (August 5-7) - Clothing, Computers, School Supplies
  • North Carolina (August 5-7) - Clothing, School Supplies, Instructional Material, Computers, Other Computer, Sports Equipment
  • Oklahoma (August 5-7) - Clothing
  • South Carolina (August 5-7) - Clothing, School Supplies, Computers, Other
  • Tennessee (August 5-7) - Clothing, School Supplies, Computers
  • Texas (August 19-21) - Clothing, Backpacks and School Supplies
  • Virginia (August 5-7) - Clothing, School Supplies

Harpers Bazaar Magazine Discount

Get a 1-year subscription to Harpers Bazaar Magazine  for ONLY $3.76 and you can lock in up to 5 years at this price! You will need to use coupon code: WKLYSPEC at checkout to see the discount price. You should be able to get this one thru 7/31/11. Thanks Coupon Mom!

I am a certified gym rat. If I could spend all day in the gym lifting weights, taking group fitness classes, and running on the treadmill I probably would. Exercise always lifts my mood and I sincerely enjoy challenging myself during my workouts. 

Over the years I have tried a lot of gyms.  Some gyms were spectacular and others a complete disaster. From all of my experiences, I suggest that before you join a gym get a tour and ask for a free pass to see what the gym is really like. 

I just spotted this free 7 day guest pass for Bally’s Total Fitness. Here is your chance to try a gym!  Bally’s is a good start because it is a U.S. gym that is all over the country. Here is your chance to try a gym free, for a week! 

Still don’t know what to look for when picking a gym? Read EHow’s article on how to pick the perfect gym

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Healthy deals from this week:

Community Coffee: We happen to believe that coffee is one of life’s very best “little luxuries”, and we’re always on the lookout for great coffee deals. Right now you can get 12-oz. bags of Community Coffee for as low as $4.63 each! Choose from a variety of flavors in both ground and whole bean. Black Coffee is low in calories! 

Clif Kid Twisted Fruit: These all-natural fruit ropes are a great alternative to sugary fruit treats, and right now you can pick up a Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Variety Pack for $13.40, or $0.56 each. (The Clif Kid Zbar Variety Packis still priced at $14 as well!) These bars are great for people who want a quick and healthy snack on the go! 

Gerber Puffs: Stock up on snacks with Gerber Puffs starting at just $1.71 a canister! Great greek yogurt topping! 

McCANN’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal: Right now you can get 28-oz. tins of McCANN’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal for just $4.66/tin. As a bonus, these reusable tins could be used for a variety of craft and DIY projects when you’re done with them. So healthy and filling!

Bob’s Red Mill Granola: Pick up select varieties of Bob’s Red Mill Granola starting at just $2.76 a bag and serve it for breakfast, use it as an ice cream topping, or make your own granola bars! Great healthy breakfast!

Thanks Coupon Mom!

HURRY on over to the Target website for your free beauty bag with samples and up to $25 in savings! Please go now because they are going to run out quickly. I just tested it and was able to get mine! Limited quantities available. Thanks Kitty at Grocery Coupons!

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One of my favorite bread company’s UDI’s just released a coupon! 

Here is a new printable coupon for a $1.00 off any one Udi’s Gluten Free baked goods product.  This coupon is located on my printable coupon page!

Udi’s Gluten Free coupon

The Udi’s coupon is under zip code: 80126 (you can change up top of the page) and then under foods.

Thanks coupon dad!

You can get 1,000 REE Rollover minutes from AT&T!! Just text YES to 11113020 - Allow 4 weeks for processing. Standard text messaging rates apply. Thanks Coupon Nano and Grocery Coupons!

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I don’t know about you, but I travel a lot! This year alone I have 5 trips in progress or that I have already taken. I am still a student so a steady stream of income is not available. I am not going to give you my travel tips ( I rather not duplicate efforts if it isn’t necessary), so I will list NYT’s travel tips!

1. SHOP “PRIVATE SALES” A growing number of Web sites, including have flash sales of 20 to 60 percent off hotel packages to travelers on an invitation-only basis. Jetsetter, for example, recently offered a Friday night in January at the Angler’s, a boutique hotel in Miami, for $255 a night, down from the $359 offered at the hotel’s site. Another site,, works like Groupon for travel, meaning that the more people who book a deal, the lower the rate. For example, a four-night, all-inclusive stay at the Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa was initially offered to members for $1,496, or 15 percent off, last month. After 55 bookings, the price dropped to $1,220. At TripAlertz and, which offers last-minute getaways, all you have to do is create an account to access the deals. A Google search for “Snique Away invite” turned up a registration form for that got me in.

2. BUY ON TUESDAY Most airlines begin sales on Monday evenings, and by the following day other airlines have usually matched the lowered fares on the same routes, said Anne McDermott, editor at, which tracks price trends. Last month, for example, Virgin America had a sale on Dec. 13, with one-way fares as low as $79 on some routes, according to Farecompare. The next day, there were sales from AirTran, Southwest and American, with one-way fares from $59. Because sales are hard to predict, travelers looking for the best deal should start their searches three to four months in advance, when airlines begin to look closely at which routes may need a sale to fill seats.

3. SEARCH FOR COUPON CODES Practically every travel site includes a box at checkout for a promotional discount code. Sites like organize such codes into categories so that you can search specifically for airline, car rental or hotel deals. A recent search turned up codes for deals like $94 flights between New York and New Orleans, 15 percent discounts on Avis weekly car rentals and $75 off of three-night Westin Hotels packages.

4. ASK FOR A REFUND Many airlines will refund the difference in price if the fare drops after you purchase a ticket (minus a change fee). helps get you that refund by tracking the price of your ticket and sending you an e-mail or Tweet when the price drops so that you can call the airline to claim the credit. A new site,, offers a similar service for car rentals.

5. AVOID ROAMING CHARGES Skype and Truphone offer free apps for making cheap international calls using Wi-Fi, with rates that start at pennies per minute. You can pay as you go or sign up for monthly plans to make unlimited calls in certain countries for a flat fee: $13.99 a month for Skype calls to land lines and mobile phones in more than 40 countries, or $12.95 a month for Tru calls in 38 countries with TruUnlimited. Another option: the Vonage Mobile app for Facebook allows travelers to make free international calls over Wi-Fi to Facebook friends who also download the app.

6. CHANGE YOUR CREDIT CARD Most American banks charge currency conversion fees, typically up to 3 percent when you use your credit or debit card outside the United States. But there are some exceptions. Capital One does not charge foreign transaction fees, and Chase recently began waiving the fees on its British Airways Visa Signature Card, its Hyatt Card and the Priority Club Select Visa.

7. SAVE ON PARKING YOUR CAR steers drivers toward the cheapest parking at off-airport lots near 79 North American airports. Rates are updated frequently, and sold-out lots are highlighted. A recent search for parking near Newark Liberty International Airport offered a snapshot of rates and locations on a map. The Renaissance Hotel lot was among the cheapest at $12 for 24 hours. There is also a free app for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry users.

8. WAIT A WEEK Avoid the crowds and save by traveling the week after a major holiday. A five-night ski vacation in Breckenridge, Colo., during the last week of December was priced at $1,988 a person, including airfare from Chicago, at For the following week, the same trip was listed at $1,037 a person. Similarly, a vacation including airfare from New York and five nights at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort dropped from $821 to $580.

9. NEGOTIATE Though many hotels say that they offer their best rates online, it pays to ask the front desk for a lower rate. My colleague Seth Kugel regularly uses this tactic, as he pointed out in a column last summer: “I arrive with a solid reservation but then check out five or six other hotels and go back and forth between them in an attempt to set off a price war.” The strategy saved him $20 a night in León, Nicaragua. I have had similar successover the phone with reservation agents at New York hotels like the Ritz-Carlton New York and 60 Thompson.

10. TRAVEL LIKE A STUDENT Student travel agencies like STA Travel, StudentCity and StudentUniverse have begun to extend their low prices to nonstudents and older travelers. While some of the deepest discounts are offered only to travelers enrolled in an academic program, recent college graduates can often save 10 to 25 percent with “youth fares.” For example, a recent search for flights in March on, which limits certain deals to nonstudents under the age of 26, turned up seats for $926 round trip on V Australia Airlines. The best rates for the same dates on were $1,187. Though it is not common for older travelers to use student travel agencies, it is possible to do so. There were no age restrictions for a discounted four-day Inca Trail trek with STA Travel for $674 a person, down from $899.

11. DON’T PAY TO CHECK A BAG Checking bags can quickly add up, with airlines charging between $15 and $35 a bag. Delta’s SkyMiles-branded American Express card allows you and up to eight others on the same reservation to each check a bag at no cost. And American Express introduced a travel-rewards card — the Blue Sky Preferred Credit Card — that offers travelers an annual $100 allowance to cover checked baggage, in-flight meals, entertainment or Wi-Fi purchases, and other fees, on any airline.

Go forth, travel and do it while being cost effective. Boom.
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