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Bienvendos! My name is Katherine N. and I'm a 20-something U.S. Diplomat. This blog is a mix of my love of healthy eating, exercise, ramblings and fashion. I started this blog because I am a certified wanderlust. I have traveled and eaten the cuisines of many countries including: Ghana (where my family is from & where I went to University), Mexico, the Netherlands, South Korea, Malaysia, Canada, Puerto Rico, England, Canada, at least 20 U.S. States, Mexico, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Singapore, Indonesia...just to name a few. Free counters!
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I am a certified gym rat. If I could spend all day in the gym lifting weights, taking group fitness classes, and running on the treadmill I probably would. Exercise always lifts my mood and I sincerely enjoy challenging myself during my workouts. 

Over the years I have tried a lot of gyms.  Some gyms were spectacular and others a complete disaster. From all of my experiences, I suggest that before you join a gym get a tour and ask for a free pass to see what the gym is really like. 

I just spotted this free 7 day guest pass for Bally’s Total Fitness. Here is your chance to try a gym!  Bally’s is a good start because it is a U.S. gym that is all over the country. Here is your chance to try a gym free, for a week! 

Still don’t know what to look for when picking a gym? Read EHow’s article on how to pick the perfect gym

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